Bamboo Bliss Escape

Embrace serenity and indulge in nature's simplicity with Nakhon Spa's "Bamboo Bliss Escape." This unparalleled experience is a homage to the strength and grace of Bamboo, thoughtfully crafted to provide complete relaxation and rejuvenation. Nestled in the heart of Bangkok, this exclusive package invites you to a sanctuary of calm, where time pauses and bliss flourishes.

Floral Foot Bath & Himalayan Salt Scrub

Begin your retreat with a soothing Floral Foot Bath, followed by a revitalizing Himalayan Salt scrub, a complimentary gesture to set the tone for a transcendent experience.

Private Foot Massage & Reflexology

Your escape begins with a personalized 60-minute Foot Massage & Reflexology session that spans an entire rejuvenating hour. Feel the world's worries melt away as skilled hands work on precise pressure points, aligning your energy and soothing your soul.

Aroma Oil Massage with Bamboo Sticks

The centerpiece of the "Bamboo Bliss Escape" is a 90-minute Aroma Oil Massage, where Bamboo sticks become instruments of healing. Smooth, sleek, and warming, Bamboo is the perfect conduit for a massage that reaches deep into muscles, relieving tension and awakening the senses.

Premium Oil Massage from North of Thailand

We use specially selected Premium Oil Massage sourced from the lush landscapes of Northern Thailand. This luxurious oil is rich in natural properties that enhance relaxation, nourish the skin, and envelop you in a fragrant embrace that echoes the northern terrains.

Bamboo Symbolism & Benefits
  • Strength and Flexibility

    Much like Bamboo, the human spirit requires both resilience and flexibility. The Bamboo massage resonates with these qualities, restoring balance and vigor.

  • Deep Healing

    The Bamboo sticks allow for an extended reach into muscles, creating a profound connection that encourages healing and relaxation.

  • Connection to Nature

    Bamboo's natural texture and energy connect you to Earth's wisdom, grounding the soul and calming the mind.

Indulge in the Essence of Tranquility: Let the Bamboo Massage Rekindle Your Harmony with Nature, Unwind Your Spirit, and Nurture Complete Relaxation.

Optional Hydrotherapy & Chromotherapy Session (30 min)

For those seeking the ultimate indulgence, add a Hydrotherapy & Chromotherapy session in a High-End Jacuzzi situated in your private room. This blissful water experience is available for 5000 THB for one person or 7000 THB for two persons. Let the therapeutic colors and gentle water currents massage your body and mind into a state of pure serenity.

The Bamboo Bliss Escape Experience at Nakhon Spa

Stepping into Nakhon Spa's "Bamboo Bliss Escape" is an invitation to a harmonious journey where tradition and innovation blend seamlessly. From the private Foot Massage & Reflexology to the transcendent Bamboo Aroma Oil Massage, every detail whispers tranquility.

Celebrate the elegant simplicity of Bamboo, and allow its strength and grace to mirror your own. Book your "Bamboo Bliss Escape" at Nakhon Spa today, and let the essence of Bamboo guide you to a place where calm reigns and bliss awaits.

  • Private Room

  • Rainfall Shower

  • Welcome Drink

  • Warm Towels

  • Refreshments

  • Thai Desserts

Luxury Products
  • EAU DE SPA Skincare
$180 USD / person
$300 USD / couple

6 500 THB / person
11 000 THB / couple
Luxury Spa Rituals
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Extra Services

Begin your indulgent journey with Nakhon Spa's Luxury Limousine pickup, leading to a welcome toast with premium champagne upon arrival. Enhance the ambiance with a vibrant, aromatic bouquet of Thailand's finest flowers.

At Nakhon Spa, we believe in the power of customization to make your spa experience truly unique and deeply personal. Indulge in our add-ons and let us transform your day at the spa into an elegant voyage of serenity and luxury.

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